About Us
The Cycling4Diversity Foundation journey started in 2011 to celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21st, a day proclaimed by the United Nations. The C4D Foundation combines the art of cycling and intercultural dialogue and having the fortunate opportunity through our travels to speak to thousands about our message: Building bridges of dialogue, one city at a time.

Cycling4Diversity Foundation moves to inform people about embracing cultural diversity through understanding, mutual respect and inclusion. The C4D Foundation offers opportunities for learning and discussions on the benefits of cultural diversity and the importance of eliminating racism. The Foundation unites multicultural communities through sharing of personal experiences, which creates an environment of mutual trust and understanding. The team works to create dialogue and break down perceived barriers.
Cycling4Diversity seeks to foster intercultural relationships by encouraging students and citizens to expand their circle of friends and connecting with people from various backgrounds by showing respect for differences and encouraging inclusion in their schools and communities. "Cycling4Diversity Week" is celebrated throughout British Columbia each May. For more information please visit us at Cycling4Diversity Foundation on Facebook or Cycle4Diversity on Twitter.